Ford City Northern Railway

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Welcome to the Ford City Northern homepage, which is dedicated to the hobby of N-Scale model railroading and to the N-Scale model railroad that I have built over the last decade.  

 Jerry G.

What is the "Ford City Northern"

The FCN is a free-lanced railway, meaning it is not modeled after a specific prototype road. But, is made up from ideas (rolling stock, operations, etc....) taken from many prototype roads. These in more detail being the Wisconsin Central Ltd. and Wisconsin Southern RR to name a few. The terrain is modelled after Central Wisconsin, with its abundance of Agriculture and Dairy Farming.  Farm equipment and related industires abound.  In fact, there are seven dairy farms modelled in one form or another.

The layout is setup to run point-to-point, but a connecting track was added to allow for continuous running for open houses, when I am operating it alone and when I just want to see the trains go by.
The overall measurements are: 24 feet long (with NEW Extention), 11 feet wide and stands at an average height of 52" from floor to track level. Train control is DCC and comes from a (1) NCE(North Coast Engineering)  PH1 Powerhouse PRO command station with a built-in 5 AMP booster. Operations are controlled by NCE Throttles, (1) PROCAB and (4) CAB-04 intermediate cabs. These cabs connect to the layout through (7) Cab Bus Fascia Panels (#UTP).

The Locomotive roster consists of locomotives based on Atlas B23-7s. (3) B23ES7s, (1) B23ES7B and (2) B32-9Ws (using B23-7 chassis') and a B20GS (The B18GS was upgraded).  Makeup the shortline’s current loco roster.  All the units are painted in FCN's present "Blueberry Blue" paint scheme.

Show News*** Well there are no shows planned for the near future.  The 2013 NScale Enthusiast Convention, brought 100+ guest to visit the FCN. 

These tours are great, the only downside is they are timed events.  In order to see as many layouts as possible (five were on my tour).  Their time alotted to visit us was very short.  Not enough time to answer ALL of the questions asked. 

Layout News****   The FCN Extension is pretty much completed.   Backdrop and fascia panels are inplace.  And have been sceniced.  A new town and Industrie have been constructed and are being detailed as time allows.  I will revamp this website and show all new additions on the FCN's facebook site. (FCN Railfan Page).  As my layout work progesses....

Jerry G.   

 NEW* You can keep tabs on the latest news on the FCN.   On "FCN Railfan page" on Facebook.


Below is a drawing of the layout of the layout.  The shortline's main shop and operations are located in Ford City. Wautoma, is the home to the largest industry on the FCN.  Wautoma Pulp & Paper.  While the other towns of Randolph, Princeton and Wild Rose host agricultural business such as a CO-OP, Canning Plant, Feed MIll and a Creamery.  The rail bridge just north of Wautoma, offers a interesting view as it crossing near the Dam and over the White River.

Another day begins on the FCN.  As the Highway/Rail crew leaders gather to assign the days work schedule.  The shortline's only "B-unit" has just been shopped and is getting last minute once-over before going back out on the rails.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at....

Below, the FCN's Business Car #7 the "Wautoma" is parked on the loading track.  That is along side the Railway's Depot and Headquarters.  The WC-style (the 1890's rendition) Depot is home to the General offices and Dispatcher's operations.